Located in Lodi, California Serving the Lodi/Stockton/Galt area.  With more than 10 years of carpet cleaning experience, Burns Family Carpet Care are experts in their field.  Using safe non-toxic all natural cleaning products, we not only clean your carpet & upholstery, our process extends the life of your investment in your home or business. 

The Burns Family Carpet Care system uses the safest, most advanced soap-free cleaner available on the market today. It is odor-less, non-toxic and leaves absolutely no residue. We leave your carpets looking like new, completely dry within hours and odor free. You save money because your carpet will stay fresh and clean longer between cleanings. Same day service and emergency services available ($50 minimum)

Carpets ugly out before they wear out because the soapy sticky residue attracts dirt and causes rapid resoiling.
Cleaning products can cause unhealthy indoor air quality issues that lead to serious health problems. These odors can put your family at risk, exposing everyone to an unhealthy, unsafe indoor environment.

The health of you and your children are at risk. When hands are placed on carpet and then into the mouth, toxic chemical residues can be transferred into the body. This process can lead to serious health issues.